Our company carries out repair and restoration works of steam turbine equipment in several areas, including:

  • Complex turbine repair
  • Rotor repair
  • Repair of auxiliary equipment
  • Assembly of turbine equipment
  • Rotor straightening
  • Recovering heat treatment of cylinders
  • Complex aftersales service

We also repair diaphragms, clips, nozzles and distributors, body parts (cylinders and stop valves), bearings. We restore the eroded rotary blading and distributors.

and reconstructions

Our company has unique experience and references in the reconstruction and modernization of steam turbine equipment.

We offer the following types of work:

  • Reconstruction of turbines to be replaced after the assigned operation time with the restoration of the resource and an increase in the technical and economic indicators of the turbine
  • Reconstruction of turbines aimed at increasing of power and reducing of fuel consumption
  • Reconstruction of turbines of type "ST" and "B", aimed at improving technical and economic indicators in conditions of limited production load
  • Turbine modernization with the replacement of wheel space with new, more economical, created on the basis of modern design methods
  • Modernization of individual units and parts of turbines aimed at improving of reliability, efficiency, maintainability and maneuverability
  • Modernization of equipment for transfer to a new operating mode


Engineering is done by our own Engineering Center, which carries out projects and supports the production of steam turbine equipment. Service package includes:

  • Inspection, diagnostics, analysis of operation and assessment of the technical condition of equipment
  • Development of recommendations for the reconstruction of TPP and SDPP
  • Consultations
  • Development of technical solutions for repair and operation
  • Development of modernization and reconstruction projects
  • Supervision over repair, modernization and reconstruction works